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A nice bubble bath with candles and soft music helps my daughter
Tell your children you love and miss them when they are at
relax when school stress builds—and it gives her time alone to
school. Everyone needs to hear that; it's a comforting thought
think through situations.
—Peggy Hathcock; Cleveland', TN
—Cristy Smith, Monroe, M l
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k i t c h e n t a b l e ,
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My children keep journals. At bedtime, they write down
thoughts and feelings about their day. It’s a healthy life-long
skill. Sometimes just gettingyour thoughts down on paper
helps relieve worries.
—Susan Vornholt, Neillsville, Wl
Our daughters are homeschooled, but they still have their share
of stresses. My husband and I encourage them to think together
and brainstorm solutions. Most of the time, the girls solve
problems for each other—
Mariann Tausch, Bonnieville, KY
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c o n tin u e d o n p a g e 2 3 0
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I play “What if?” with my son: I toss out a situation and we kick
around things to say or do. He’s learningto handle stressful
situations, not run away from them.
—Jo Wolf, Oquawka, IL
I set aside a regular time for my children to share their fear, pain,
and joy with me. They can say whatever they want—rant, rave,
laugh, and cry. I promise not to get mad about anything or throw it
back in their faces later.
—Christy Wallingsford, Taylor, Ml
Make a list of what needs to be done, and keep priorities as simple
as possible. Figure out what needs to be done “ right now” and what
—Debbie Forrester, Brockton, MA
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