postmenopausal women treating osteoporosis
can also reduce the risk of invasive breast cancer
one m edicine—EVISTA.
If you're past menopause and treating osteoporosis, now
is the time to talk to your doctor about EVISTA. It's the only
medicine for postmenopausal women with osteoporosis
that has also been proven to reduce the risk of invasive
breast cancer.
Ask your doctor if EVISTA is right for you. He or she can
explain all your risk factors for invasive breast cancer and
why it's important to continue regular screenings.
Here are some important things you should know about
EVISTA: Prescription EVISTA is for women past menopause
only. Talk to your doctor about all your medical conditions.
EVISTA increases the risk of blood clots and should not be
used by women who have or have had blood clots in the
legs, lungs or eyes. Seek care immediately if you have leg
pain or warmth, swelling of the legs, hands or feet, chest
pain, shortness of breath or a sudden vision change. EVISTA
may increase the risk of dying from stroke in women at high
risk for heart disease or stroke.
Do not use EVISTA if you are
pregnant, nursing or may become pregnant, as it may cause
fetal harm. Women with liver or kidney disease should use
EVISTA with caution. EVISTA should not be taken with
estrogens. Side effects may include hot flashes, leg cramps
and swelling. Results may vary. You are encouraged to
report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA.
Visit, or call 1-800-FDA-1088.
If you're already treating osteoporosis and want to know
more about EVISTA, call
8 8 8
7 7
or visit
Ask your doctor about EVISTA, one medicine that does both.
EVISTA does not treat breast cancer, prevent it from returning or reduce the risk of all forms of breast cancer.
raloxifene HCl
One medicine that does both.
If you need assistance with prescription costs, help
may be available. Visit or call
Please see back page for additional information about EVISTA.
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