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How do y oil choose the right rug shape
for a room? I can't tell if round, oblong, rectangular
or square
should be used and where to place it under furniture.
Heather Haugh, Concord, NC
Area rugs are particular to the spaces they go in, so here are
examples of rug options for several living areas. In any room, start by
thinking about where the furniture works best. In this living room,
the fireplace is the centerpiece, so furniture is placed around it. I
chose a large square rug (
), big enough for all the furniture legs to rest
on, to anchor the seating area. In the diningroom, I chose a round rug to
accentuate the shape of the dining room table (
). I n a foyer where there
is high traffic flow, I would use a washable runner (3) to lead your eye
into the rest of the home. If rugs are visible through multiple rooms,
consider choosing a common color in each of the rugs (4,5) to tie them
together without matching them. If you’re not confident about pulling
colors and textures together, a natural fiber rug or sisal will give you more
flexibility, especially if you want to change wall color later. All of these
tips work if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, too. Just use area rugs over
them to define different uses, i®
Vyvanse is indicated for the treatment of
ADHD. Efficacy based on two controlled
trials in children aged 6 to 12 and one
controlled trial in adults.
Tell the doctor about any heart
conditions, including structural
abnormalities, that you, your child, or
a family member, may have.
the doctor
if you or your
child develops symptoms that suggest
heart problems, such as chest pain
or fainting.
Vyvanse should not be taken if you or
your child has advanced disease of the
blood vessels (arteriosclerosis);
symptomatic heart disease; moderate to
severe high blood pressure; overactive
thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism); known
allergy or unusual reactions to drugs
called sympathomimetic amines (for
example, pseudoephedrine); seizures;
glaucoma; a history of problems with
alcohol or drugs; agitated states; taken
a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI)
within the last
Tell the doctor
taking Vyvanse if
you or your child is being treated for or
has symptoms of depression (sadness,
worthlessness, or hopelessness) or
bipolar disorder; has abnormal thought
or visions, hears abnormal sounds, or has
been diagnosed with psychosis; has had
seizures or abnormal EEGs; has or has
had high blood pressure; exhibits
aggressive behavior or hostility. Tell the
if you or your child
develops any of these conditions or
symptoms while taking Vyvanse.
Abuse of amphetamines may lead to
dependence. Misuse of amphetamine
may cause sudden death and serious
cardiovascular adverse events. These
events have also been reported rarely
with amphetamine use.
Vyvanse was generally well tolerated in
clinical studies. The most common side
effects reported in studies of Vyvanse
e: children
- decreased appetite,
difficulty falling asleep, stomachache,
and irritability;
a d u lt -
appetite, difficulty falling asleep, and
dry mouth.
Aggression, new abnormal thoughts/
behaviors, mania,growth suppression,
worsening of motion or verbal tics, and
Tourette's syndrome have been associated
with use of drugs of this type. Tell the
doctor if you or your child has blurred
vision while taking Vyvanse.
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Information on the following page.
. .your ADHD
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