Standard Greeting
Make this welcoming holiday topiary by inserting boxwood
greenery in a foam sphere and adding fresh or faux
winterberry sprays for a vibrant pop of red,
Anchor the
branch trunk in foam tucked inside a sturdy pot; secure the
top to the trunk using firm downward pressure. TIP:
the branch end at a sharp angle makes it easier to drive and
anchor in the foam.
Basket of Cheer
A wire basket filled with greenery and large ornaments,
makes a simple and festive holiday welcome on a porch or near
your front door. For a variation on the multicolor scheme here,
you can use balls in a single hue. Or, instead, tuck greenery
among ornaments arranged in a wicker basket, a wooden box,
or a large clay flowerpot. TIP:
Painted ornaments may lose their
finish if left out in the rain or snow.
Glowing Stars
Illuminated stars lead guests to your front door and
make a sophisticated and beautiful holiday decorating
Here, traditional plastic Moravian
stars in two different sizes are arranged on a bench
covered with cedar branches and California sugar
pinecones. TIP:
A concealed power strip wired to the back
of the bench eliminates unsightly cords and plugs; a gray
extension cord runs discreetly to an outside outlet.
Best of Christmas Ideas
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