Satisfy th eir
appetites (and
your budget)
by making
everyone on
your holid ay
list a present
that looks
as good as
it tastes.
Turn an inexpensive pencil or empty box into
a sweet gift,
Cover the box with
decorative paper. Hot-glue a ribbon along the
bottom and lid, leaving a small loop on the
front top edge for a handle. Fill the finished box
with bite-size Pistachio and Dried Cherry Nougat
in small candy cups.
Thyme and Orange Vinegar,
is a no-fuss
gift for coworkers, teachers, and neighbors.
Dress it up by wrapping ribbon around the
length of the bottle and then around the neck,
creating a collar. Make the coordinated tag by
gluing leaf shapes, available at scrapbooking
and crafts stores, to a colored label; attach
with ribbon.
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