Classic motifs are favorites this season. Include lace,
toile, and pearls in creative new ways for fresh beauty.
s im p le e m b e llis h m e n t A polished package
can be the product of the simplest supplies picked up at
crafts and scrapbooking stores. These wallpaper-wrapped
gift boxes,
earn their elegant touches from raw
silk ribbon and a crystal embellishment (top), a lace-inspired
sticker (middle), and a poinsettia formed from square paper
frames (bottom).
p a p e r m a s te r p ie c e s Don't dismiss paper-crafted
ornaments as childish or simplistic. Today's impressive array
of scrapbooking papers can create high-end looks. See the
instructions on page 12 for these designs,
le s s is m o r e Sometimes the most formal look can be
achieved by simply tying up a package wrapped in tone-on-
tone wallpaper with a decorative fabric ribbon,
above right.
O n e - o f- a - k in d Visitors will marvel at your tree
trimmings as if you shopped the most exquisite boutiques.
Surprise them when you tell them that you handcrafted
these charming ornaments,
, following the instructions
on page 12.
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