W hen it comes to gift giving, s
is nearly as im portant as
Take time to make every present look
Have fun with gift wrap and make
the outside reflect what's inside,
This cute wreath wall
hanging, attached to the lid, hints
at the tin's contents—a tasty Basil
Walnut Pesto Wreath bread.
Make a large batch of Pepper Jelly
and give small, jazzy jars of it to
all your friends and family,
Print labels (see page 129 for
template) onto adhesive-backed
paper; cut out. Attach to the front
and lid of the jar. Cut a 2-foot
length of crepe paper from a
roll of streamers. Cut in half
lengthwise using pinking shears.
Gather paper in small accordion
folds. Secure the layers to the lid
with double-sided tape. Hot-glue
ribbon around the rim.
Best of Christmas Ideas 121
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