Provided by Plaid Enterprises
• Red and white round glass
• Red and white spray paint
• Ultra-fine-point permanent
marking pen
• Cotton swabs
• Rubbing alcohol
• Plaid Tip Pen set
• Dowel stick or pencil
• Coffee cup or paper cup
• Small items, such as marbles,
to weight the cup
• Folk Art Enamels Paint: #4001
Wicker White and #4006
Engine Red
Note: Ornaments with an outer
glaze or frost matte finish are
not suitable for this technique.
To determine the finish on your
ornament, remove the metal top
and brush the exposed top of
the ornament with a cotton swab
dipped in alcohol. If the finish is
not altered, the ornament has an
acceptable finish.
Spray-paint the metal top white
for red ornaments and red for the
white ones.
Using the marking pen, mark
four equally spaced dots around
the neck of the ornament. Making
light marks with the marking pen,
follow each dot down the sides of
the ornament, stopping three-
quarters of the way. Use a cotton
swab dipped in alcohol to erase
and redraw the lines if necessary.
Referring to the photographs,
randomly draw swirls, circles,
lines, dots, and squiggles with the
marking pen within the quadrants.
Follow the manufacturer's
instructions with the Tip Pen set
to prepare the paint bottles. Use
the second largest micro tip from
the set.
Prepare a drying area for your
ornament by placing a dowel stick
in a weighted cup.
Hold the ornament in your hand,
supporting it with your thumb and
fingertips, and begin painting the
design. Do not touch the micro
tip to the ornament; let the paint
flow onto the drawn lines. Turn the
ornament as you paint your way
around the design. Paint the top
section of the ornament first; allow
it to dry on the dowel for 2 to 3
hours. Paint the bottom section in
the same way. When dry, replace
the metal top.
Evergreen Tree
Designed by Mary Heaton
• Green patterned paper
• White card stock
• Snowflake and tree die-cut
shapes (available at
scrapbooking stores)
• Straight edge and crafts knife
• Small hole punch
• Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
• Thin monofilament string
• Embroidery needle
• Small green bead
• Medium-width ribbon
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