Before the food and frivolity,
behold the table— a blank
canvas of decorating
opportunity. This party season,
set the m ood for a family feast
or an intimate gathering with
friends by making your dining
table a w orthy focal point.
Tables, after all, are one of the
easiest changes for ho-hum
holiday decor. Looking for
some creative inspiration? Our
four presentations serve up
delicious style: Set a red-and-
gold show stopper that has a
fresh new attitude; go casual
with twigs and berries; sugar-
coat a kid-friendly setting; or,
for those w ho w ant formality,
bedazzle guests with rich jew-
el-tone layers. As wise hosts
and hostesses know, it doesn’t
cost a fortune or take the skills
of a designer to make a table
look fabulous.
Written by
Jody Garlock
Photographed by
Kim Cornelison
Produced by
Jill Budden
Best of Christmas
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