tradition with a
t w is t
Red and gold veers any holiday soirée to the
traditional side. Throw in a heady dose of white
and some creative twists, and you have a
refreshing and updated take on tradition.
This festive setting,
starts with a w allpaper tablecloth. Cut two
strips of em bossed w allpaper (the paintable,
scrubbable kind that is readily available at
hom e centers) to the table’s length. There’s no
need to adjust the paper’s width; just overlap
the pieces as needed to fit the table. Use a
crafts knife to cut equally spaced slits along
each edge of the w allpaper strips and weave
red velvet ribbon through the slits.
Elevated on glass candlesticks
and sprinkled with glitter, a grouping of
inexpensive glass-ball ornaments creates a
striking centerpiece. Use glue to write a letter on
each ornament,
below left,
sprinkle with glitter,
and then shake off excess glitter. Place each
ornam ent on a candlestick. The ornam ent will
rest in the hole designed for a taper, but for
extra security, add a piece of double-stick tape
to the bottom of the ornament.
Earn the title “Super Hostess”
by leaving a surprise on each guest’s chair,
below middle.
Instead of ribbon, w ind thin gold
wire around the gift, randomly looping red
eyelets through the wire for a fun embellishment.
The nam e tag—a die-cut ornament-shape
designed for scrapbooking— doubles as a place
marker. Use a com puter to print a greeting and
name on vellum, and then glue it to the die-cut
shape. A sheer seat cover adds a wisp of
elegance to the chair. Cut fabric so it hangs over
the seat about two inches on the front and sides.
Use fusible w eb to hem along the edges. Hand-
stitch ribbon ties to the back.
Though not a m atched set, a
red-and-gold color scheme unites the china,
below right.
The lesson learned: Mixing things
up is perfectly fine in more traditional settings.
Best of Christmas Ideas
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