d i n i n g
Rich jewel tones, sum ptuous fabrics, and lush
layers lend an air of sophistication to this
setting, ideal for an intimate dinner. The table
is layered in plum and burgundy silks and
velvets; the m onotone color scheme adds to
the beauty.
Create the layered look by
cutting and hem m ing a piece of burgundy
velvet fabric to fit the w hole table,
Drape three plum silk table runners across the
w idth of the table; they double as place mats.
Add a fourth runner the length of the table
to define the centerpiece. The topiaries are
18-inch-tall florist’s-foam cones covered with
batting and dressed w ith silk plum slipcovers.
Sheer ribbon and beaded snowflakes dress up
the outer two trees, while burgundy beads
w rap the center one.
Snowflake ornam ent
party favors,
above left,
are easily m ade by
stringing beads on wire. Get maximum mileage
out of the handm ade ornam ents by using the
wire loop to hang them from wineglasses.
The snowflake decal that
appears to be etched into the salad plate,
adds an illusion of grandeur. It’s actually
just a piece of vellum inserted betw een the two
plates. Cut a piece of clear vellum the same
size as the bottom of the top plate. Center a
die-cut snowflake-shape, available in crafts
stores, on the vellum circle. Hold the die cut in
place, and apply gold stencil cream on the
uncovered part of the vellum. Remove the die
cut, revealing a translucent snowflake.
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