k i d d i n g
Forget the crystal, the china, and the fine
linens. In other words, forget the stress. With a
paper tablecloth, melamine plates, and plastic
tumblers, this footloose-and-fancy-free table is
perfectly suited for the young—and the young
at heart.
Throwaway style doesn’t have
to lack pizzazz. This tablecloth,
the presentation off to a sugary-sweet start.
Purchase paper on a roll from an art-supply
store, or start with a paper tablecloth. Place a
bowl (ours was 41/2 inches in diameter) on the
bottom edge of the paper, and trace around it
about halfway. Draw a line the length of the
paper as a guide for where to end each scallop.
Cut out the scallops with scissors. Use a
pushpin or hot glue to attach a gumdrop in
the center of each scallop.
This table decoration,
w ill leave kids with visions of lollipops
dancing in their heads. Wrap a sturdy box with
tissue paper; adhere it with clear tape. Cut a
band of contrasting-color tissue paper with
scallop edges; tape it to the top of the box.
Fill the box with gumdrops, and then insert
lollipops into the candies.
This napkin-cum-artist’s-pouch,
below right,
lets kids while away a meal by
decorating the tree-shape place mat. Unfold a
paper napkin. Fold the bottom edge up toward
the front of the napkin, about one-third of the
way. Fold the sides toward the back of the
napkin, about one-third of the way on each
side, forming a pocket on the front. Add names
with letter stickers. For the place mats, cut
Christmas-tree shapes from drawing paper. ®
For more tabletop ideas: www.bhg.com/sipcenterpieces
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