bottom right
and on
page 142.
Tracing paper
Two colors of silk fabric
Embroidery floss
Needle and sewing thread
Sew-in craft-weight interfacing
Wired pom-pom trim
the stocking and cuff
patterns on
page 149
tracing paper; cut out. Use a
fd-inch seam allowance with
right sides facing when sewing
the pieces together.
contrasting two-ply
embroidery floss to satin-stitch a
7'8-inch-tall monogram onto one
piece of silk fabric. For the cuff
front, trim the monogrammed
silk into a 6x5-inch rectangle,
centering the letter ll/8 inches
above a 6-inch edge. For the
cuff back, cut a second 6x5-inch
rectangle from the same color of
silk fabric.
the second silk fabric,
cut two 6x8-inch rectangles
for the stocking front and
back. From the interfacing, cut
two 6x8-inch rectangles and two
6x5-inch rectangles. Pin the
interfacing rectangles to the
wrong side of the corresponding
silk rectangles. Sew the bottom
edge of the cuff front to a
6-inch edge of the stocking front.
Sew the remaining rectangles
together in the same manner
for the back. Press the seam
allowances open.
W ith
the interfacing side up,
position the stocking pattern
on the front rectangles, aligning
the cuff line on the pattern with
the seam line and centering the
monogram on the cuff. Trace
around the pattern onto the
interfacing. For the facing, draw
a 2-inch line upward from each
top corner of the traced stocking
shape; connect the ends. Cut out
the silk/interfacing stocking shape
inch beyond the traced lines.
Cut the interfacing only along
the top traced line of the cuff.
For the stocking back, flip the
pattern over and repeat on
the pieced back rectangles. To
hem the facing, press under
Id inch on the top edges of the
stocking front and back; sew
Vs inch from each pressed edge.
Sew the stocking front to the
back, leaving the hemmed facing
edges open. Trim the seams,
and clip the curves. Turn the
stocking right side out. Finger-
press the seams. Turn the
facing down into the stocking
and press. Tack facing in place
at the side seams.
pom-pom trim around
the bottom edge of the cuff and
sew in place.
Shown on
page 145.
Spray adhesive
Water-based fabric ink
Stencil brush
Assorted beads
Matching sewing thread
the napkins to
remove any sizing; press. Lightly
spray the back of the stencil with
adhesive and position it on one
corner of the napkin. Dip the
stencil brush in ink; wipe off
almost all the ink with a paper
towel. Apply ink to the open
areas of the stencil, dabbing the
brush onto the napkin with an
up-and-down motion. Remove
the stencil and let the ink dry.
Heat-set the ink, following the
manufacturer's instructions. Sew
beads onto the napkins, referring
to the photograph on
page 145
placement ideas.
Best of Christmas Ideas
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