7. Christmas
Cardinal & Dove
Designed by Artful Offerings
• Red or ivory wool felt
• Stiff interfacing
• Dark burgundy print fabric (for
the cardinal only)
• Red or ivory embossed paper
• Double-stick fusible web
• Matching sewing thread
• Small beads for eyes
• Narrow hanging ribbon
• Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
Use the pattern on
page 15
to cut
out two birds from the wool felt.
Cut one bird %-inch smaller from
the interfacing, and cut two wings
from the embossed paper. For the
cardinal, cut two face triangles
from the print fabric.
Following the manufacturer's
directions, apply fusible web to
the wrong side of the felt birds,
reversing the direction of one. For
the cardinal, apply fusible web to
the face triangles and fuse to the
bird shape.
Using thread and needle, attach
the bead eyes. Fold the hanging
ribbon in half and place
from the top center of the bird. Lay
the interfacing shape on top, and
then lay the second felt bird shape
on top. Carefully fuse the shapes
together. Glue the wings to each
side of the bird.
8. Toile Ornament
Provided by Plaid Enterprises
• Round ornaments
• Red and white spray paint
• Medium-size drinking cups with
3-inch-diameter openings
• Toile napkins
• Flat artist’s brush
• Decoupage medium
Remove the ornament tops and
spray-paint some with red, others
with white.
To steady the ornaments, place
them top side down into the cups.
Cut out images from the napkins
and lay them right side down
into the palm of your hand.
Brush a thin coat of decoupage
medium on the image, and
carefully press it onto the
ornament, smoothing wrinkles.
Allow ornaments to thoroughly
dry in the cups. Replace the
painted ornament tops.
9. Nosegay
Designed by Tari Colby
• 9x12-inch pieces of fusible
web, red vellum paper, and red
embossed felt
• 8-mm textured red pearl
• Matching sewing thread
• Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
• Narrow ribbon
• Polyester fiberfill (optional)
• Silk flowers
Following the manufacturer's
instructions, fuse the vellum to the
wrong side of the felt. Photocopy
the full-size pattern on
page 15.
Use the pattern to cut out one
shape from the felt. Place the
shape, vellum side up, on a flat
surface. Thread the pearl on a
length of thread; glue the ends to
the vellum side of the shape with
the pearl just below the point.
Roll and glue the shape into a
thin cone.
Glue hanging ribbon loops to the
sides of the cone. Stuff cone with
fiberfill. Run glue around the top
inside edge of the cone and insert
the bouquet.
Best of Christmas Ideas
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