gift bags and place mats
Fashion these homespun
place mats and gift bags from layers of wool felt,
Cut holly leaves in the place mat's red layer and add felt
button circles to mimic berries before stitching the rectangular
piece to a green base. Cinch scallop-trimmed squares of red
and green felt with a length of ribbon adorned with pinecones
and berries to capture the gift bag's goodies.
Select a controlled mix of dinnerware—green
bubble-glass tumblers and softly scalloped white ceramic
plates layered over woven wood chargers—to complement
your handiwork,
napkin ring
A simple loop of green grosgrain ribbon
decorated with a holly sprig hugs silverware and a Christmas-
red napkin,
above right.
Cranberries floating above holly leaves and
berries in a water-filled glass bowl encircle the centerpiece
candle like a wreath,
Add evergreen branches and a
cranberry garland to finish the yuletide table decoration.
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