napkin tie
A small ornament and a simple tie of tinsel
brighten the tableware,
table runner
Trim a paper runner to fit just the tabletop,
enlivening the length with scalloped and flower-punched
Charlie Brown-style feather trees make modest
centerpieces, especially spruced up with a few petite
ornament balls and homemade paper tags.
ornament shapes
Choose paper in hues and patterns
that complement the table's retro scheme. Mounted on card
stock and trimmed into photo-framing ornament shapes,
paper makes whimsical plate-side decorations,
above left.
place cards
Identify a seat for every guest with ornament
place cards fashioned from scrapbooking or wrapping paper
and dangled from a length of tinsel ribbon tied around the
chair back,
above right.
Add sparkling buttons and colored tinsel
designs to store-bought stockings of green and crème moiré,
Snazzy packages wrapped with fancy paperwork peek
out of the stocking tops.
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