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page 153.
• Fresh cranberries
• Fine crafts wire
Sort through the cranberries to
select the firmest fruit. Slide
cranberries onto the desired length
of crafts wire. Twist the ends of the
wire and arrange on table.
Table Runner
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page 154.
• Wrapping paper
• Decorative paper punch
Cut wrapping paper to the desired
length and width for the table.
Using a curved shape, such as a
dinner plate for a template, draw
scallops along the entire length of
each long edge; cut out. Use the
decorative paper punch to punch
out a decorative border along
each scalloped edge.
Tree Stocking
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page 155.
• Purchased stocking
• Fabric-covered buttons
• Spray adhesive
• Glitter
• Tinsel garlands: blue and green
• Matching sewing thread
• Six small blue ornaments
• Crafts glue
Remove the metal loops on the
backs of the buttons. Place
buttons, face up, on a protected
surface; then spray the tops and
edges with adhesive. Roll the
buttons in glitter; let dry. For
the tree trunk and branches,
cut lengths of tinsel garland to
fit stocking shape and stitch in
place. Stitch the ornaments in
place on the tinsel branches. Glue
glitter-covered buttons onto the
cuff. Stitch a loop of garland on
the cuff for hanging. Note: If you
are unable to find appropriate
buttons, purchase fabric similar to
your stockings. Use the fabric to
cover button blanks, following the
manufacturer’s instructions.
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page 156.
• Pillar candles
• Coordinating ribbons
• Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
Wrap ribbon around the candle.
Hot-glue the ribbon at the back of
the candle so the seam doesn’t
show. The hot glue will melt the
wax to help with the adhesion.
Table Runner
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page 157.
• White polar fleece
• Red polar fleece
• 1 yard beaded fringe
• Fabrics glue
• Red beads
Cut a rectangle from white polar
fleece 14 inches wide and 24
inches longer than your table
or sideboard. Enlarge the candy
stripe pattern,
using a
photocopier; cut out the
pattern. Cut candy stripes from
red polar fleece to fit the pattern.
Use fabrics glue to adhere the
candy stripes to the runner,
placing them approximately 6
inches apart; let dry. Cut two
14-inch lengths of beaded trim,
and glue them to the back of each
end of the runner. Glue red beads
on the front side along each end of
the table runner.
Note: For a more permanent
runner, eliminate the fabrics glue
and secure the red fleece in place
by top-stitching with your sewing
machine. Use a needle and thread
to attach the beaded trim to the
table runner.
Candle Cuff
Shown on
page 157.
• Pillar candles
• Double-stick carpet tape
• Candy canes
Wrap the candle base with tape.
Press the candy canes onto the
tape, continuing around the
diameter of the candle.
Holder Box
Shown on
page 157.
• Red wrapping paper
• Two wide ribbons
• Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
Cover a box with wrapping paper.
Hot-glue wide ribbon around the
center of the box. Hot-glue
narrower coordinating ribbon over
the first ribbon layer.
Candy-Cane Table Runner
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