1. Centerpiece
L a rg e jin g le b ells
• G re en sp ra y paint
• G re en ery
• A p p le s
• B o w l
Spray-paint the bells; let dry.
Arrange the greenery, bells, and
apples in a bowl.
2. Card Display
• S h a llo w co n ta in e r
• N arro w and m edium -w idth
• G lu e gun and hotm elt a d h e sive
• F lo rist’s foam
• N atu ral o r a rtificia l g reen ery
• H a ck sa w
• S e v e n 33/s-inch jin g le b ells
• Drill
• G reen sp ra y paint
• '/s-inch-diam eter do w el
• R e d b e lls in a sso rte d siz e s
• F lo rist’s w ire
Hot-glue the medium-width ribbon
around the sides of the container;
then glue the narrow ribbon over
it. Hot-glue florist's foam inside
the container and fill with greenery.
Using a hacksaw, cut slits in
the top of each large bell. Drill a
18-inch diameter hole in the
bottom of each bell. Spray-paint
the bells green; let dry. Insert a
3-inch length of dowel into the
hole at the bottom of each bell
and reinforce with hot glue. Insert
the bells into the arrangement and
slide cards into the bell slits.
Thread assorted-size red bells
onto 12-inch lengths of florist's
wire to create clusters of berries,
leaving a 4- to 6-inch length of
bare wire. Twist the wire into a
loop and twist again to secure the
bells in place. Push the wire ends
into the florist's foam.
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