3. Holiday Card
• Jin g le b ells
• G reen scra p b o o k in g p ap e r
• G lu e gun and hotm elt a d h e sive
• N arro w ribbon
• W h ite card s to ck
• C ra fts knife
• S ilv e r p a p e r
• D o u b le-stick ta p e
• C ra fts glue
Arrange bells in a circle to
determine the size of the finished
wreath, and draw the circle on the
green paper to use as a template.
Hot-glue the bells on the green
paper covering the drawn circle.
Make a bow from ribbon and
hot-glue in place.
To create the basic card, cut
a piece of card stock the desired
size and fold in half. Use a crafts
knife to cut a square opening in the
front of the card. Cut a mat from
a piece of silver paper to fit inside
the card front opening. Use tape
to adhere the silver mat on the
back side of the card front. Tape
the green paper with the wreath
on the back side of the card front,
centering the wreath in the
opening. Create a ribbon frame
around the card front window and
adhere it with glue.
5. Table Runner
• G reen fa b ric o r p u rch ased
ta b le runner
• M atch in g se w in g thread
• Jin g le b e lls in tw o siz e s
• M edium -w idth ribbon
If sewing a table runner, determine
the length and width desired.
Cut fabric, allowing for hemming
the edges. Hem all four sides.
Determine the placement of the
letters to spell out the word “Joy”
on one end of the table runner and
sew small bells in place. Sew a
length of ribbon across the end of
the runner. Sew large bells along
the center of the ribbon and the
edge of the runner.
6. Candleholders
• A sso rted -siz e ca n d le h o ld e rs
• S p ra y prim er
• G reen sp ra y p ain t
• F lo ris t’s w ire
• Jin g le b ells
• G lu e gun and hotm elt a d h e sive
Prime and paint the candle-
holders, allowing drying time
between coats. Cut a length of
florist's wire 2 inches longer
than the circumference of the
candleholder. String bells on the
wire and, if desired, hot-glue the
back side of each bell to secure.
Leave a 1-inch section of wire at
each end. Bend the wire, wrap
the bells around the candleholder,
and twist the ends of the wire
to secure.
7. Snowflakes
• 16-gauge c ra fts w ire
• N eed le-n ose p liers
• F in e c ra fts w ire
• G lu e gun and hotm elt a d h e sive
• A sso rted 9-mm- to
1-inch-diam eter jin g le b ells
(A) Cut three 6- to 8-inch lengths
of 16-gauge crafts wire. Using
needle-nose pliers, bend one of
the wires to make a hook for
hanging. (B) Cross the wire pieces
in the center, wrap with fine crafts
wire to secure in a spoke shape,
and reinforce the wire with hot
glue. (C) Hot-glue one bell over
4. Frames
the center intersection of the wire
assembly. Slide bells on each
wire spoke, securing them on the
back side with hot glue. Trim the
remaining wires.
• P u rch a se d p h oto fram es
• M edium -w idth ribbon
• C ra fts glue
• G lu e gun and hotm elt a d h e sive
• Jin g le b ells
Use crafts glue to apply ribbon
around edges of the photo frame;
let dry. Hot-glue bells to the frame.
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