French doors leading to the
sunroom are pretty as a
package with ribbon looped
around each door. The
ribbon is tied into a bow at
the upper one-third of each
door and adorned with gift
tags declaring “Merry
Christmas” to all. Opposite:
A simple bells of Ireland
swag replaces the usual
evergreen on the mantel to
lighten the mood. White
pottery from Jackie's
collection holds festive red
and green ornaments. Vibrant
red carnation wreaths add
the finishing touch.
bells of Ireland
fo rtu n e,
provide a fun punch of color.
were out of sync with the classic setting.
Ventling set the pace with bells of Ireland,
known for their showy spikes symbolizing
good luck. “It’s probably my favorite color"
Jackie says of the flower’s limey hue. Layered
with pine branches that wrap the staircase and
form swags elsewhere in the home, the bells
of Ireland provide an unexpected pop of color
and texture and fill the air with their spicy
scent. Though evergreens make an occasional
appearance, traditional
absent. Instead, Ventling introduced bright red
carnations for wreaths and topiaries.
In the sunroom, tasteful topiaries shift to the
beaded variety with tree-shape tabletop gems
that remind Jackie of the beaded ornaments
her grandmother gave her as a child. These
beaded beauties are less labor-intensive than
the handmade ornaments Jackie’s grandmother
crafted. Ventling
around plastic-foam cones and painted the
beads to add luster. The packages wrapped in
spunky shades of red and green placed next to
the miniature trees are a lively addition to the
grouping and also are scattered throughout
other rooms as inexpensive decorations.
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