The home's front entrance
announces the holiday
scheme, while urns speak
to its traditional architecture.
The tree ornaments,
carnation wreath, and
topiaries are repeated
indoors. Opposite: In the
entry, a mirror placed atop a
side table reflects the glow
of candles in a grouping of
hurricane glassware. Three
of Jackie's glass ornaments
dangle from the swag above
the mirror, which is plumped
up with bells of Ireland.
Part of the mint family, the
whimsical flower originated
in western Asia—though its
name implies otherwise.
Ornaments become the
f i n i s h i n g to u ch es;
on floral arrangements and even package trims.
But new touches don’t trump old everywhere.
Some of Jackie’s treasured
the finishing details on swags and decorative
packages. Ventling made sure the ornament-
laden tree itself was still the star, although it,
too, works with the revamped holiday decor.
Indeed, the playful look is classic enough to
embrace the many traditions the Romps share.
Every morning during December, Jackie and
Bill hear footsteps rushing downstairs to the
Advent box, where a piece of candy and a glass
ornament await each of the children. “They’re
just as excited about what ornament they’re
going to get as they are the candy,” Jackie says.
“It’s a fun tradition.” One evening during the
month, Jackie gets out the tub of wrapping
paper and allows the kids to help wrap gifts
for their grandparents and others—a lesson
designed to inspire an appreciation for giving.
And on Christmas Eve, the family strolls
through the neighborhood, which is always
aglow in luminaries.
For Jackie, honoring old traditions while
welcoming new ones is what makes the season
so special. “I hope that someday my children
will have fond memories of growing up with
these traditions and remember the magic of
Christmas,” she says.
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