Carnation W reath
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• 12-, 16-, and 20-inch plastic-foam cones
• Plastic-bead garlands in two different diameters
• Crafts glue
• Moss-color acrylic paint
• Pearl aerosol paint
• Glaze
• Foam brush
• Micro fine silver glitter
Wrap and glue the plastic-bead garlands around the cone, alternating the size
used to create a stripe effect until the entire cone is covered. Let the adhesive
dry. Line a shallow box with newspaper and place the cone in the box. Spray a
base coat of pearl paint, which will make covering the bead surface with acrylic
paint easier. Mix two parts acrylic paint with one part water. Paint the cone,
taking care to press the brush between the beads to apply some paint to the
plastic-foam base. Let dry. If needed, apply another coat of the paint mixture
for solid coverage. Once the paint has dried, apply the glaze to the tree with a
brush. Immediately sprinkle a heavy coat of glitter onto the wet glaze. Let dry
• 12- and 16-inch-diameter florist’s-foam wreaths
Soak the florist's-foam shape in water following the manufacturer's instructions.
• 8-inch-diameter florist’s-foam balls
Trim the carnations to about 3 inches. The 12-inch-diameter wreaths displayed
• Carnations
on the mantel and the round orbs on the table require about 50 carnations each.
• Small pruning shears
The 16-inch-diameter wreath shown on the front door uses approximately 80
carnations. Insert the carnations into the form until the surface is covered. To
prolong the freshness of the carnations, store the arrangements in a cool area
when not in use. Artificial flowers may be used as well.
Beaded Trees
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