Best of Christmas Ideas
Stitch Up Simplicity
Two crisp white linen runners are the perfect bases
for a holiday tablescape,
The beautiful—but
easy enough for beginners—ribbon-embroidery
snowflakes are striking embellishments.
Deck the Boughs
Our contemporary take on classic Swedish straw
ornaments combines crafts sticks or clothespins
with wood rounds to create different snowflake
above right.
The star shapes provide
neutral, clean-edge counterpoints to the
busier baubles dressing the not-so-traditional
Light Up the Night
Flickering red tapers are set in straw-hue
candleholders constructed from unfinished wood
dowels, beads, candle cups, and wheel bases,
. Tie the candlesticks to the tabletop theme
by tacking on tiny snowflake cutouts.
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