10. Tree Box
• Scrapbooking pyramid box
die cut
• White card stock
• Crafts knife
• Paper punch
• Double-stick tape
• Red and white narrow ribbon
• Square white box for tree base
Punch a die-cut tree shape from
paper. Enlarge the shape to the
desired size using a photocopier.
Trace the enlarged pattern onto
white card stock and cut out
using a crafts knife. Using a paper
punch, make a hole in the top
point of each box side. Fold the
tabs and assemble the box using
double-stick tape. To close the
box, thread the ribbons through
the prepunched holes and tie in
a bow. Use double-stick tape to
adhere the square box tree base
to the bottom of the tree.
11. Candleholder
• 1
-inch-diameter dowel
• 2/-inch-diameter wheel
• Wood glue
• Seven wooden beads
• Small candle cup
Glue the dowel into the hole in the
center of the wheel; let dry. Place
two narrow lines of wood glue along
opposite sides of the length of
dowel, and then thread the wooden
beads onto the dowel. Wipe away
any excess glue. Glue the candle
cup onto the end of the dowel.
• Red and white paper
• Scissors
• Small paper punch
Measure and cut paper into a
9-inch square. Fold the square in
half horizontally, then in half
vertically. Rotate the folded square
so that the center point is at the
top, and then fold the square in
thirds vertically. Cut out snowflake
openings along the folded sides
and trim the bottom edge as
desired. Unfold the snowflake and
punch a hole in one paper point
for hanging. Note: If you do not
want the folds to show, use the
folded and cut snowflake for a
template, trace it onto paper, and
cut out using a crafts knife.
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