Lavish detail
on holiday
projects by
using dressy
trim s and
elegant fabrics.
Christmas red and green may be traditional,
but they also can becom e boring. As interior
design colors shift from year to year to stay
fashionable, so can the shades of your holiday
reds and greens. Instead of one green and one
red, update your Christmas look with a fashion-
forward color, such as the yellow-based green
used here. Make sure your new color blends
w ith traditional Christmas red and green.
Not sure of the hue you want? Look to color
marketers, trendy retailers, and magazines to
see w hat colors are hot this Christmas. W hen
the new decorations arrive in stores this fall,
make a scouting trip to find the freshest
Christmas colors.
Pinwheels of pleated ribbon look pretty on the
tree and perfect on a gift box. Hot-glue the pleated
ribbon to a cardboard circle, and cover the center
with a smaller cardboard circle wrapped in ribbon
and edged with trim.
Quilted velvet looks
beautiful as the basis for these elegant stockings. To
finish the tops, sew triangles of satin in two colors; add
tassel trim and ball fringe for a fancy finish.
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