Apple of Your Eye
Evoke holidays of old, when apples, oranges,
and other fruits and nuts were used as yuletide
decorations, with this simple arrangement,
Start with a planter or vase, add a
block of wet florist's foam and some greenery,
and then fill in the arrangement with a few
green apples for a finishing touch.
Vintage Beauty
Rummage around in the back of the cupboard
or the attic for an interesting container to
transform into this stylish accent, which is
perfect for a side table,
Here, an old silver
trophy serves as a sophisticated perch for a
florist's-foam ball covered in white carnations.
Tendrils of ivy cascade down the sides of the
trophy for an added touch of elegance.
Purely Ornamental
Create a new, inventive use for tree ornaments
by turning them into delightful mini vases,
For best results, choose mercury balls,
which are more durable than glass balls, for
this project. Remove the tops and set each ball
into a pretty pot.
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