Bright Idea
Take a relaxing moment during the holiday rush
to have some fun with this easy candlestick pair,
perfect for displaying on a table, mantel, or any
other spot around the home,
pieces of wet florist's foam into two pots, add a
bit of greenery and some hypericum berries
(available from most florists), and finish off the
pair with festive holiday-hue candles.
Bells upon Bells
Combine a few stems of lovely bells of Ireland
with accents of silvery jingle bells to make a
delightful miniature Christmas tree,
Set the
tree atop a silver goblet—whether a family
heirloom or just an inexpensive look-alike—to
achieve height and style.
Greenery with a Twist
Combine greenery and colorful carnations for a
twist on classic holiday arrangements,
Start by placing a piece of wet florist's foam
in a waterproof cache pot (try silver or gold for
added shimmer), insert flowers and fresh-cut
greenery, and you're done.
Best of Christmas Ideas
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