Talmage McLaurin,
publisher of
F lo r is ts’ R eview
magazine, created these original designs.
As a nationally recognized floral designer,
he was inducted into the American
Institute of Floral Design in 1988 and
has presented four national symposium
programs. His career in the industry
began in a family-owned flower shop.
He prefers simple centerpieces to the
more complicated arrangements. “It's
demystifying floral arranging,” he says.
Great Ball of Fire & Vintage Beauty
The key to this fun centerpiece is the foam ball, which can be purchased for
just a few dollars from a crafts store or a local florist. Soak the ball in tepid
water until it is thoroughly saturated, and then insert carnations to completely
cover the surface of the ball. You’ll need 2 to 3 dozen carnations, depending
on the size of the ball and the flowers.
Flames of Green
Prepare the glass surface by cleaning
it with window cleaner. Then select
any flat evergreen pieces you would
like to use. Coat the greenery with
spray adhesive.
Wait a few seconds for the adhesive
to get tacky, and then attach each
piece to the container with the
ends hanging from the bottom of
the container.
Allow the greenery to dry for a few
minutes. Then trim the bottoms
with sturdy scissors, floral snips, or
garden shears.
Soak a block of florist’s foam in tepid
water. Position the foam in a planter
or vase, and cut the foam so it’s about
one inch above the rim. Working in
a clockwise fashion, tuck in sprigs
of greenery, such as the bits of pine
shown here.
Add another round of greenery. This
time, you may wish to use something
with a little contrast, such as the
incense cedar with tiny golden berries
shown here.
Insert florist’s picks into apples.
To keep the apples looking good
through the holidays, dip the picks
in cinnamon oil. It will act as an
antiseptic to seal the punctures so
the apples last longer—and it adds a
festive scent.
Apple ofYour Eye
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