Purely Ornamental
Pull the hangers from the tops of the
mercury balls and use a metal file to
make the tops smooth.
Fill the balls with water. Add tulips or
other flowers. If necessary, tuck in bits
of bent greenery or twigs to hold the
flowers upright.
Make pilot holes for florist’s picks by
drilling three or four holes into the
base of each candle. Trim the picks
as needed with garden shears.
Place a piece of wet florist’s foam in
a watertight cache pot, and cut off
the foam at the rim. Make a ring of
greenery and berries, leaving a space
to insert the candle.
Bright Idea
with aTwist
Soak a block of florist’s foam in tepid
water, and then trim it with a knife so
it fits into a waterproof pot or vase.
Make a ring of greenery. Trim about a
dozen carnations and insert them
into the remaining foam, forming an
even mound.
Bells upon Bells
A cone of florist’s foam is key for
creating this centerpiece. Soak
the foam in tepid water until it’s
thoroughly saturated. Then cut a stem
of bells of Ireland so the bits form
lollipop-like shapes.
Insert the bells of Ireland pieces into
the foam. This project will take about
12 stems cut into pieces.
Wrap chenille stems around the tiny
loop at the back of each silver bell.
Trim the chenille stems and insert
each bell into the greenery. If desired,
attach a bow to the base of the tree
with florist’s wire.
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