Say “Merry Christmas” loud and clear this year.
Use showy poinsettia blooms as cut flowers to enliven
all your holiday decorations.
It's amazing the statement a single flower can make—and nothing is easier to display. Just trim
off a poinsettia and lay it on the plate,
Tie on a name tag to create a place card. To
make the flower last a few days rather than a few hours, slip it into a water-filled vial, available at
crafts stores and florist's shops. Wrap the vial in paper to conceal it, or leave it as is.
Mass Appeal
Why settle for yet another
poinsettia set out in a
foil-covered pot? For a new
look, set wet blocks of florist's
foam on a row of trays. Then
cut poinsettia flowers from
the plant and insert them
to cover the foam entirely,
this photo.
Figure about six
flowers for every 12 inches
of foam.
Best of Christmas Ideas
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