working poinsettias:
Few, if any, florists carry
poinsettias by the stem. Buy potted
plants and cut them yourself. The
branches are a bit delicate and
tend to snap, so work carefully.
When cut, poinsettias produce
a milky sap. Set the stem in water
for 30 minutes to allow the sap to
wash away. Your flower will last up
to two weeks this way.
Be careful with the sap.
It’s a myth that poinsettias are
poisonous, but the sap can irritate
sensitive skin.
The more water poinsettias get,
the better. Surrounding the stem
with as much moisture as possible
will help it last longer. Poinsettias
in a vase with their stems
submerged almost up to their
necks are likely to last up to two
weeks longer than ones with just
a couple of inches of stem inserted
into wet florist’s foam.
Peppered with Berries
Pepper berries, available from florists,
look wonderful when interspersed
with poinsettias.
Branching Out
Create a tree that reflects the spare beauty of winter by cutting several long
branches from trees and shrubs,
Arrange the branches in a large urn
or other container, anchoring them with blocks of foam or pebbles.
Remove the hanger top from an ornament so it's open. Cut two 7-inch
lengths of 1
/s-inch ribbon, and glue the ends of the ribbon pieces to the
sides of the opening so they can be tied and used to hang the ornament
from the branch. Use a quick, fast-drying waterproof adhesive.
Set the ball atop a small drinking glass to hold it steady and fill the
bottom fourth of it with water; insert the poinsettia. Tie it onto the tree.
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