Achieve an elegant look with ease by keeping a
consistent palette and introducing interest through texture.
fa s h io n S ta te m e n t Accessorize your tree as you
would your best holiday attire by including some jeweled
accents. This dainty wreath,
is simply a pattern of
petite pearlized beads threaded on a wire bracelet form and
topped with a delicate ribbon bow.
p r e t t y p a c k a g e Double the sentiment of gift-giving
by presenting the treasure inside a hand-decorated
package. Paint a papier-mache box from the crafts store
with red and white acrylic paints,
above right.
Run a strip of
white felt through a die-cut machine to punch out snowflake
or other holiday motifs, and glue the band around the box.
Seasonal bouquet
Fashion this holiday version
of a cheerful May Day basket,
by tucking a petite silk
nosegay into a cone formed from embossed felt.
e a s y a c c e n ts A piece of toile pattern trimmed from a
dinner napkin and decoupaged onto a basic ball becomes
an elegant ornament with ease,
A spray-painted
cap adds a customized touch. To fashion the retro ribbon-
candy styled ornament, see the instructions on page 12.
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