the bottom of the medium-size
basket. This will raise the medium-
size basket higher than the outside
edge of the largest basket. Repeat
for the small basket.
Stud the oranges with cloves in
a variety of patterns. Insert florist's
picks into the studded oranges
and kumquats. Wire florist's picks
to the pinecones.
(B) Fill the baskets with
oranges, kumquats, pinecones,
greenery, and seeded eucalyptus.
Nestle a small pillar candle in the
top basket.
3. Festive Harvest
• Ceramic or resin waterproof
• Florist’s foam for fresh
• Seeded eucalyptus, roses,
wheat spikes, kumquats,
oranges, whole cloves
• Florist’s wire
• Pinecones in assorted sizes
from 2 to 6 inches
• Florist’s picks
Cut the foam to size for your
container. Soak the foam in water
according to the manufacturer's
instructions. Press the foam into
the container. Wire 4 to 6 spikes of
wheat together with florist's wire.
4. Welcoming
• White spruce pinecones from
1 to 2 inches
• Kumquats
• Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
• 13-inch-diameter moss wreath
• Wide ribbon
Press cloves into the oranges.
Insert florist's picks into the
oranges and kumquats. Wire
the picks to the pinecones.
Insert pinecones into the
container to establish the overall
shape of your arrangement.
Add the wheat bundles, roses,
oranges, and kumquats. Tuck in
small pieces of seeded eucalyptus
to finish.
Sort the pinecones and kumquats
by size from largest to smallest.
Glue a row of pinecones to the
wreath with the largest pinecones
on the outer area of the wreath.
Repeat the process with a row of
kumquats followed by a row of
pinecones until the wreath is
covered. Tie a ribbon bow, and
glue it to the top of the wreath.
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