Natural Spheres
Large grapevine spheres wrapped with
miniature white lights make a modern
and dramatic statement,
corded lights disappear against the
grapevine; anchor the plug end of the
light strand to the sphere with wire; then
wrap as you would a yarn ball, adding
more sets of lights as desired. TIP:
sure the lights you choose are rated for
outdoor use.
Through the Grapevine
Grapevine trees wrapped in miniature white lights flank an entry door, adding
holiday sparkle to the front porch,
. As with the spheres, brown
corded lights are almost invisible against the brown vines. The trees are
anchored with wooden plant stakes stuck in foam wedged into the planter
pots. TIP:
Conceal the foam base with sheet moss.
This mound of shimmering prelit spheres
stacked in an urn,
, looks like
snowballs just waiting to be thrown. Plug
the spheres into a power strip hidden
inside the urn, and then accent them
with boxwood greenery. TIP:
A strand
of monofilament wrapped around the
spheres keeps the stack secure.
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