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Plant roses for a sensual garden
experience. Climbers add cottage
charm by framing an entryway or an
arch. Furnish a small area around it
and soak in the sun.
If roses equal romance, then there’s a lot of love in Susan
Harrow and Will Csaklos’ yard. With nearly 30 rose
varieties encircling their California, US, home it’s hard
not to feel the emotion. “The romanticism of the roses is
a powerful metaphor for growth, productivity, and
creativity,” says Susan.
These traits are especially important to tire couple
because they do more than live in their house—they
work there too, running separate businesses. “My office
opens up to the garden,” says Will, a writer. Susan runs a
public relations company and uses the rose-rimmed
backyard as a conference room. “We have client
meetings in the garden,” she says. The garden is a respite
as well as a gathering place. “We need that,” says Susan,
“to get a break from our indoor life.”
When the couple bought their house seven years ago,
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