You might be surprised tojearn how much everyday stuff can
be composted, includinga lot of the waste that is normally
dumped down the kitchen sink.
by JANE A U ^ IN tfcKEON
phbfosfcrtW ^V-.BALD VVIN produced by JARRfT EINQK_
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Brown +
Green =
Black Gold
The best compost
‘recipe’ includes
a combination of
carbon-rich brown
materials (dry leaves,
plant stalks, small
twigs, wood shavings,
shredded newspaper)
and nitrogen-rich green
materials (fresh leaves,
lawn clippings, fruit
and vegetable scraps,
eggshells, tea bags).
Carbon is the spark that
starts the com posting
process. Nitrogen fuels
the microorganisms
that decompose
materials. Try to add
about three times as
many brown materials
as green materials.
Do not compost meat,
bones, animal waste,
dairy products, diseased
plants, seeded weeds,
plants treated with
herbicides or pesticides,
orany inorganic
material. Keep adding
kitchen scraps during
the winter months.
They’ll decompose
when the weather
warms up. 0
Go Online
To start composting at
home, logon to
from useful info, they
have bins in different
materials and sizes that
you can buy.
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