Moon W atch
Here’s ultimate luxury!
Homain Jerome, the ~
luxury watch brand, has
launched a limited edition
watch—the Moon Dust-
DNA Black Mood. The
watch has mineral coating
with authentic moon dust.
Available at Jot Impex, Delhi
Gantt., Delhi; Tel: 011 /2569-2255.
Ravissant’snewcollection, comprising luxurious bed linen, cushions, and throws
inavarietyofmaterialsand patterns.willgoalongwayinupdatinganyroom.
Theirtableware is also worth a mention. Most of the itemsareinsterling silver and
i nclude goblets, cand le stands,cake stands, cookie servers, bowls, tea sets and so
on—each with a unique design and in varyingstyles rangingfrom classic to
contemporary. Definitelyworthtakingalook.
Commercial Complex, New Friends Colony, Delhi; Tel: 011/2683-7278.
with snazzy bags from Princesse K. The
new collection, ColourTherapy, has
totes and clutches in bright coloursand
day out with friends.
Contact 0/98921-35331;
karishm a aprincessek. com
Poltrona Frau, a world majorin luxury
launched in India.The Italian brand,
synonymous with a unique design
sensibility and renowned forits
excellent quality,has tied up with the
TATA group to open its excl usive
store, Casa Decor.The design centre
will carry productsfrom leading
brands such as Cappellini, Cassina, etc.
K Dubash Marg, Kala Ghoda,
Mumbai; Tel: 022/6615-3334.
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