1,00,000 operations assured
And this is just the beginning.
Kid-tamper proof
We give you features to safeguard life and property. And an unparalleled
engineering excellence and many technological innovations like dust-free
swtches and universal sockets. Amongst our many firsts. When it comes to
switches, we know what it takes to create a sheer masterpiece of a switch
And craft it to perfection. Crabtree, started by the inventor of switch
mechanism, John Ashworth Crabtree, which till dale is the underlying
foundation of all switches. And that legacy still continues We are Crabtree,
and not just any other switch.
Group Corri partie
_ s y t v A N j A
Corporal* Office : Have!!* India Ltd.
. ORG Towers 20. Sector-126 Expressway, Nuria-20'304 (UP) INDIA. Tel.
. ♦91-120-4771003 Fax. - 9 ‘-120-4772000 Entail inlo^crablreeind>a.ccm. www.ctablreemda.ccm.
Coraum« Care No.: Toll tree 180011 0303. All Connectons 1800 1C3 1313, land I me oi * -*1660303
Branch OUc m : NOftTH: C hantfs** T«l. C172-4233430-401 Dahradun ~«l 0135-2521025 0e№: T* 91-011-17676700-29, Haryana:
U i
9-120 2477*1*953 Heidi: ~«l 0120 »56609 Ludhiana: Tat 01«l-t676C01/60C4 Jammu V O IS 1-2490424.
Jeour fct 0141 3088210. Kanpur.
«3035533751*2753 uacfcnow: id: 0522 2201032. 2203038 EAST Bnubaryeahwar let 0874 25981C4 CSuwaha* le 0361 2134521. Ko'kaia lei 033 «120851/52 Srigun: let 0363 2525907.
Jamsht4>ur: Te 0657-5542492 Patna. Tel 0612-3244216 WEST. Ahmedabed. Tel 07*400*1111 baton. T«i 0731-2572340-41. R ^ a L le t 0231-3013289 MumbaL Te 022-67298600-503, Nagpt*. Tet 3712-2224132 Pune. Tet 020^*016413714.
Raipur Tel. 0771-424340001 Surat: Telefax 0261-2350137. SOUTH: Bangalore: "et 080-30*32100. Charmai: Tat 044-2*528941-44. Coimbatore 'otets* 0(22-23357*7,
Hyderabad: 1», 3027533372 Kochi: Tat : 0404-1009000.
VHtmfeapatiwm: Tel 0691-6514239
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