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Anita Dongre
I admire fashion designer
Anita Dongre; she is not
ostentatious and flashy like
most designers and comes
across as a woman of
substance. Her home too
reflects this sensibility, and
I like the simple, elegant
decor she has chosen for
her house. I also appreciate the classic Indian touches in
her home despite the fact that most of the outfits she designs have a western
silhouette. She seems to straddle both worlds—work and home—equally well.
I also like her eye for art, and found the paintings and artworks in her home
quite interesting. Thank you BHG, for showcasing such sophisticated homes.
Sunita Singh, Chandigarh
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.. tak na kare
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I am always thinking of throwing
a Christmas fun party for children but
usually get stuck with the menu,
decoration etc. but your December
issue solved my problem. Also BHG
has always inspired me to keep my
house clutter-free, and has answered
my gardening queries too. I want to
congratulate BHG on being so
informative, and a good guide.
Neetu Mamtani, Gurgaon
D ear BHG, your latest issue was
fantastic, full of colour, and had classic
articles. You have brought out the best:
of 2010 in it. Your cover page was a
sheer delight and your magazine is a
complete guide to home interiors—a
true mirror to the finer life. It is
amazingly refreshing and delightful
with articles, features, and write-ups.
The magazine is a perfect blend of
.. right from the smallest
detailing of home decor to the
designing of the house. Thanks a ton
for such great efforts!
Reena Desai, Thane
on different holiday
trails, Explore a New Trail, was very
interesting. I didn’t even know that
India had so many offbeat holiday
options to offer! I must say I have
underestimated our country—I always
imagined I’d have to travel abroad for
a wine holiday or a textile trail. I am
very excited and am planning a
holiday on these lines with your
magazine as a guide.
Kritika Arora, Lucknow
on fibber moms made
for good reading. I am definitely
guilty, in fact, all of us resort to white
lies because it’s so much easier than
telling the truth and then having to
accompany it with long-drawn
explanations. But the sooner one
starts telling the truth, the better.
Monika Sharm a, Kolkata
I greatly
enjoyed your December
issue. Shaker Shock was really an eye-
opener; I never knew that salt creeps
into our diet in so many insidious
ways. I am a big foodie and also loved
the cookies and the Nigella Lawson
feature. I look forward to your food
section because you make world
cuisine so simple by suggesting
substitutes tor exotic ingredients.
Pratibha Chand, Bangalore
We’d love to hear from you.
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