She’s petite. He’stowering. Shesleeps early. Hegorges on films till the wee hours. She loves silence while
nodding off. Hefavours music. Newly-married couple Shruti Seth and Danish Aslam are a perfect mixof
opposites, very much in love. And whilethey parry and quip— he like Chand lerfrom the sitcom
and she,
like her girl-next-door Jia’s portrayal in the tele serial
—their homeunravelsasacocktail of fresh ideas,
quirky accents and thoughtful inclusions.
“I wanted a monochromatic colour scheme,” says Shruti, explainingthe dominant black in the apartment. “I
believe blackis the safest colour and it has an inherent mystic quality. As we are ayoungcouple livingon our own
and likeazero-fuss space, offshoots of grey together with aquietfeature wall ingrape purple formed the palette
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