forus.”Thelivingroomyawns longitudinally, usheringthesunshine in
through the large,glass windows fringed by potted plants. Nestling as an
extension of th is space, in the house, is the open plan kitchen. “We wanted to
maximize every inch,” shares Shruti. “Breaking down the existing walls and
remodellingformed the thrust of our initial home decor plan. We have
shopped mostlyfrom Ikea.”
Asthesuntravelsfromthe living room to the kitchen,duringthecourse
of the day, it warmsuptheairinside the apartmenttoo, appreciably. “This is
the most beautiful part ofthe house duringsunsetwhenthegolden, long
rays of the sinkingsun pour intothelivingarea,”pointsoutDanish.“We
managetobringintemperaturecontrol through the tinted glasses and
heavy curtains. These days,duringthe Mumbai winter,it becomes cozy and
warm at4p.m. Assummer rolls in, weswitch on the airconditioningto bring
down the level of warmth.”
Atinypassage lined bythe spacious bathroom leadstothetworooms.
“My room is the prettiest,”smiles Shruti. It is.The master bedroom carries
Danish’s love for the camera finds rich expression in a colourful
collage of personal candid pictures, top
in the living room.
Prints of a typical New York apartment stairway, from Ikea
The fat lady pirouettes,
are a gift from the crew of
Danish’s film. The picture was a part ofthe film’s set
A view of the master bedroom from the tiny passage,
string of black, foam butterflies on the wall are a Bangkok pick.
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