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Tie leading trends m garcens are timeless and
classic. Relaxing, welcoming spaces that are easy to
live ir and easy to keep up s what everyone desires
in their outdoor space This part of our living space,
our outdoor room, gives us the chance to escape the
demancs of the outside wold. In today's troubling
economic bines people aie spending more tune at
home, its only nature! that in spending more time at
home, we must try to create a more serene and
welcoming space in our home The yard or garden
soace is seen more todav as a continuation of the
living space. It has become a room ol its own, an
outdoor room.
Today landscaping experts locus gardens on the five
senses: Taste, Touch, Hearing Sight and Smell.
Three of the five senses are tantalized by adding a
water feature to your garden This is why garden
water features have become so popular amongst
homeowners There is nothing more relaxing than to
watch a waterfall, no mater what the size or texture
Water is one of nature's most powerful elements and
is an exceptional stress reliever
Studies nave shown that the act of watching water
how as well as listening to it lowers blood pressure
and stress levels. As if the enjoyment of watching it
isn't enough it you close your eyes and listen, the
sound of running water can transport you to another
plane. A water leature is a perfect home lor tropical
water plants that will sweeten the smell of any
garden The addition of a water element isnt just
luxurious; it is also pracbcal in that it will help
neutralize some ot the sounds of hustle and bustle
around your home
Veena Narda. partner. Sunshine's Garden Bojtique
explains, “A water fountain can he as small and
quaint or as large and grand as your yard and as
your budget allows. Anything from a water fountain
that is ornamental in nature to a dramatic waterfall
that flows over a wall of rocks and into a small pend
at the bottom will excite the senses and таке your
outdoor space more enjoyable and tranquil, if you
have a large space, consider planting a large
welland area, ana possibly even having a tiny pond
The act of watching fish swim in water has also
been proven to promote relaxation, lower Blood
pressure, and relieve stress No matter the size and
style an outdoor water space will boost your
home's value and excite potential buyers if selling
is in your near future!1
Residential construction experts claim mat the
outdoor garden water effect is one of the most
sought after landscaping features, rot only m new
homes but in homes that are being renovated as
well. They also warn that these elements must be
installed ompery, Because it tney are not,
maintenance becomes a nightmare. The simplicity of
water cascading through landscapes promotes
tranquility in your outdoor space and that is why the
oarden water tcature has become so popular in
landscape design today.
One place that s sure to give you a wide range ol
choice when it comes to water features is Sunshine's
Garden Boutique. This pretty little garden bojbque in
the heart of Indiranagar. offers a wide range ol
unique and interesting garden essentials like
accessor es & artifacts, water features, planters,
garden furniture, tools and fine Oonsai. Sunshine's
has sure y come in as a relief to garden enthusiasts
who believe in 'Gardening with a Difference'"
You can reach Sunshine's at
Call 080-65831100
Visit us at www.sunshinesgardenboutique.com
Or just join our page on facebook
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