Four food-theme images
hung close together
work as one large art
piece. A chrome desk
lamp is a contemporary
complement to the
antique sideboard and
the pine farm table—
and an unusual dining
room accent
As for those space and storage woes, Heidi adjusted there, too.
She angled furniture to better fit in bedrooms and stretched surfaces
by turning closet doors into magnetic bulletin boards and stacking
accent tables with books. “It’s a matter of finding creative ways to
store and display things,” she says.
Five years into their new old home, the Noonans have checked
off two items from their list: exterior maintenance and converting a
carriage house into a garage. That means Phase Three—code for the
kitchen—is finally in sight. “You have to be patient to make a quirky
old house work for a family of five, but it’s worth it,” Heidi says. “I’ve
loved every part of restoring this great old house.” fS
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