Bromeliads are valued for
their multi-hued leaves.
Essentially house plants, bromeliads are
stemless with leathery leaves, forming an
arching rosette. They have very small roots and
are best grown in porous soil. They attach
themselves to tree trunks or rocks, and hence
make great accessories for decorations
involving driftwood. The leaves are strikin g-
red, pink, linear black and green. Bromeliads do
flower but their bracts make them attractive.
Bromeliads need bright light with
or without direct sunlight. They grow best in
spring and early summer. Besides heat they
need lots of humidity. Stand pots in a tray of
water and pour water in their water retaining
cup. All this month you can easily find them at
various flower shows; look for Cryptanthus,
Dyckia, Billbergia, Neoregelia, Nidularium and
Vriesea. Incidentally, did you know that
pineapple is also a bromeliad?
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