The Plan
The Day Before
• Assemble the strata in a baking
dish. The eggs on top are added as
the strata bakes.
• For the salad, slice the citrus fruits,
wash the lettuce, toast the coconut,
and prepare the dressing. Store
ingredients in the refrigerator in
separate covered containers.
• Prepare the steamed pudding.
Cool, wrap in plastic or foil, and store
in the refrigerator.
An Hour Before
• Put the strata in the oven to bake.
Meanwhile, assemble the salad.
• Bri ng the steamed pudd ing to
room temperature or reheat it if you
prefer. Glaze and sprinkle with the
candied fruits.
Something to Sip
Pomegranate Mimosas
In a large pitcher, mix three cups
pomegranate orcranberry juice
with a bottle of sparkling wine or
sparkling white grape juice. Adda
few lime slices to the pitcher or each
glass just before serving.
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