ime to Stop
For Valentine’s Day,gift afave
couple exquisite watches
from Zenith—a set of His
and Her Ultra Thin Elite. The
watches have sat
and a subtle rhod
giving them an elegant look.
Luxury Watch, Forum Mall,
Kolkata; Tel: 033/2283-7185.
sapphire glass
lociium finish,
Tee Tales
Wantan idealpresentforyourgolfing
buddy? Check out Callaway’s new range of
RAZR platform products. The RAZR range
is made from a new material called Forged
Composite that makes the equipment
lightweight and strongtohelpdeliver
exceptional precision. The range has RAZR Hawk
Driver, RAZR Hawk Tour Driver,and RAZR X line of irons.
Callaway Evolution Golf Store, Nityanand Complex, Bund
Garden, Pune; T el: 0/98226- 69113.
Bag Detail s
The Italian fashion house, Etro,has launched its latest collection of suits,
shirts, cufflinks, ties, bags, belts ,and shoes for men, and accessories such
as bags, shoes, neck pieces,and earrings for women. What we love is their
collection of handbags.The bagsare embellished with vibrant cut-outs
and have colourful patterns on them making them look very chic.
G7, Palladium Mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai; Tel: 022/4341- 2294.
Fab Furniture
If you are planning to get new furniture made or redo
the interiors of your home, ask your hardware store
withauniquehbreinterlockingtechnology, the boards
have great strength and rigidity and are ideal for
making furniture for the kitchen, the chi Idren’s room,
or even the livingroom.Theyarealso very easyto work
with and can be intricately carved and moulded.Their
smooth surface ensures a perfect finish when painted
or polished. Beingscratch resistant, furnituremade
from them is easy to maintain and what’s better is that
they are ecologically sound too.
For more information, logon to
info.panelmaxicb ,
or call the toll free number:
1800- 102- 2999.
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