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Shruti Seth
Hi BHG, I really enjoyed
seeing the pictures of Shiuti
Seth’s home in your
January 2011 issue. I have
to say that while most of
the Mumbai spaces arc
very small, each person
comes up with something
interesting and unique to
give their home a personal touch. I also enjoyed the
rest of the issue and especially liked your story on grudges,
Getting Over a
Many of us hold on to grudges, sometimes subconsciously so. But your
story showed how beneficial letting go can be. Thanks!
Dear Editor,
saw your magazine
at a friend’s place and became so
interested in it that I started
subscribing to it. Your magazine is full
of information, be it a celebrity home,
fashion, home accessories, ways of
celebrating festivals, eye-popping food
or health. I have taken so many tips to
add on to the beauty' of my home that
I now eagerly' look forward to every'
issue. Kudos to the entire team!
Neelima Goel, via email
I have been reading you
for the past six months. I have just got
married and I love to read it because it
gives me great ideas to do up my
house and decoration tips that suit my
pocket Thank you guys.
Deepti, Delhi
I would like to take this
opportunity to thank you for all the
help that you have provided me
through your wonderful and insightful
articles, especially the health section
and yoga tips. It actually helped me
shed some weight! Your stories on
relationships are also very interesting
and inspiring. Overall, you guys are
doing a wonderful job. Keep it up!
Anubhuti Sharma, Delhi
Mounita Sen, Kolkata
Dear Editor,
Firstly, I wish all of
you a very' purposeful year ahead! I
have been subscribing to your
magazine for the last couple of years
and really feel that content wise y'ou
are getting better and better. I like
reading various magazines but I like
Better Homes and Gardens
the m ost-
all because of its eye-catching pictures
and content. And celeb features are
always like the cherry on the cake. I
am looking forward to an issue in
which my favourite celebrity' is on the
cover. Thanks for giving us a happy
reading experience!
Kanchan Kashyap, via email
Dear Editor,
I have started
subscribing to y'our magazine lately'. I
am really impressed with it and wait
desperately for every issue. I am going
to construct my house soon and would
like some general tips on Vaastu, if
possible. All praises for the team.
Sushant Kapoor, via email
All the letters on this page have won
a hamper worth Rs
each from
cosmetics brand Colorbar.
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