ostentation. Tt should be a house, not a hotel.” Indeed, while her home
boasts of grandeur, it still feels like home.
From the entrance foyer when you move towards the formal
drawing room, you are taken in by the sheer harmony of space.
Windows adorn one entire length of the wall, allowing the lazy winter
afternoon sun to bathe it in warm honey tones. Custom-made furniture
designed by Manpreet adds a plush feel to the space. “Ready-made
things don’t go down well with me.” Dressed with both real and faux
flowers, the space is inviting. “If that is how you call it, I am happy
because that was my aim. I want my house to be warm and welcoming.”
One arm of the L-shaped room extends longitudinally into the
bar—a spot that owes its existence to Arjun! This area is knitted to the
main room with a carved wooden screen sourced by architects and
designers Gunceta and Arunjit Sodhi. Further, the bar opens up onto a
small outdoor area where Arjun puffs his occasional cigar.
This side of the L-shaped drawing room is a little
more relaxed in its feel,
facing page.
The artwork of
monks on the wall is by GR Iranna. Another abstract
piece that Manpreet loves for its vibrant colours
bedecks the adjacent wall.
The drawing room extends into the bar,
wooden carved screen demarcates the area without
compromising the open feel. Beyond is a small
outdoor alcove that is Arjun’s smoking zone. A part
of the wall on the right side was replaced with glass
to lend an illusion of space.
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