What stands apart in the house is the abundant use of wood and
tones of white. F rom thick doors to the staircase and the flooring, it’s
wood all the way. “In fact the actual wealth of our house lies in its
wood,” says Arjun. And the wood, in turn, is complemented by the use
of white, fleetingly reminding you of a Zen-like space. And the Buddha
artworks strewn all over the house buttress the feeling. “The presence
of so many Buddhas in the house is coincidental,” says Manpreet
Arjun, a first generation
entrepreneur, let Manpreet do up
the house entirely, “because I have
absolute faith in her. I knew she
would make a beautiful home out of
this house,” he says.
A family person, Manpreet has many
photographs displayed all over. A
picture of Manpreet and her sister
with their mother and another of
her kids, Om and Lakshmie, sit
pretty on the table,
A standing Buddha lends character to
the drawing room,
far below.
brand conscious, Manpreet got it
from a small store on MG Road, Delhi.
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