“I want to instil the value of sharing in my
children and so they have to share a room,
even though the house has enough spare
r . y
Manpreet’s a very doting mother to
her two kids. “It was when Lakshmie
was born that I realized how fast time
can move. I decided to take it easy
and enjoy their years of growing up.”
M a n p re e t’s N u g g e ts
Manpreet sharesafewhousekeepingtips with us.
Storage Rules
“M axim ize storage so that everything lias a place to
go into.” Manpreet had adeep 10 -in ch w indow partially converted into a
cabinet, and a part o f the balcony sectioned into a store room.
Balance W ell
“Both p r ivacy and openness need tobe balanced out.
T h e best w ay to do it is w ith a screen o r w indow s w ith blinds.”
Feel Right
“D on’t look at a w all and then search fo r an art piece. Yo u
might end up buying som ething in a hurry and regretting it later. Buy
som ething keeping its aesthetic value and its final destination in m ind.”
A view of the childrens’ cupboard in
their playroom,
All their
artwork goes up here, where the
proud mom can enjoy it every day.
To give her kids their individual zones
in a shared space,
had one wall painted blue and the
other pink. Lakshmie’s space is
decorated with doll houses.
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